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When Meri asks how Kody would feel if she had a relationship with another man, he says he finds the idea repulsive, although he admits as a polygamist that his reaction sounds hypocritical.

Kody apologizes for his past impatience with Meri's jealousy issues and expresses his love and devotion to her.

14-year-old Aspyn, Christine's oldest biological daughter, decides to go with Kody to the hospital to watch the labor.

Meri's daughter Mariah tells Kody she wants to study pre-med at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland; Kody is very proud, but fears prejudices against her polygamist family will prevent her from getting in.

Later, Kody and Meri go to Mexico to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary.

Meri discusses her sadness about her infertility problems and the jealousy that has arisen from Kody's recent courtship and engagement to Robyn.

Robyn, who has three children under the age of 10, explains that although she grew up in a polygamist family, she has previously kept the lifestyle a secret until participating on Sister Wives.

Meri, who had previously encouraged Kody to marry Janelle and Christine, explains that she met Robyn and encouraged Kody to court her also.

Robyn takes care of Christine's younger children while she is at the hospital.

At one point, Kody stops home and, before returning to the hospital, tries to kiss Robyn off-camera; when the cameras nevertheless capture the moment, Kody admits he did not want to be seen kissing his girlfriend while his wife was in labor.

Nevertheless, the prospect of a fourth wife requires some adjustment for the three wives, who fear being replaced as companions, as well as for their children, who have grown up with three mothers their entire lives.

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