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If you work for an escort agency you might only visit the agency office once a week or so to hand over the agency’s share of your weekly takings.

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To comply with the licencing regime, your business would need to be 100 metres away from any home and 200 metres away from any church, school, hospital, place of worship, children’s services centre or any place where children spend time regularly.

(In the central business district bounded by Spring Street, Flinders Street, Spencer Street and Latrobe Street your business would need to be 50 metres away from the nearest residence.) The area must be zoned industrial.

The Public Health and Wellbeing Act (2008) states that sex workers must be provided with a free supply of condoms and lubricants at no charge in a brothel. The proprietor of a brothel must provide clean linen and showers and baths with a continuous and adequate supply of hot and cold water for the use of you and your clients (Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008).

Unless your own client has just used it, you are not required to clean or disinfect a bath or shower in a brothel.

Once you have this permission you need to apply for a planning permit from the Planning Department of your local Council.

Planning permits applications are often rejected at this level.

If Council rejects the application you can appeal the decision at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

(often requires legal support for this process) If you get a planning permit you register your name, date of birth, address, business name and address with the BLA as an exempt prostitution service provider.

To find a place you often have to disclose the nature of the proposed business to real estate agents.

You must tell the owner that you will be setting up a small owner operated brothel and you will need their written approval to use the building as a brothel.

If you wish to work independently (and/or with one friend/colleague) registering as a small owner operator exempt brothel (and getting an SWA) is required under the laws in Victoria.

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