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Thus, if the Sim moves out, the other household members will have to pay the normal rent price.If the Sim rents another apartment, they still retain the benefit.

Reputation is determined by how well Sims interact with other in the society, whether it's a good or bad interaction.

Reputation simology can be found in the personality panel.

To increase reputation, Sims must do good interactions to other Sims, such as admiring Sims, telling jokes, or giving them a friendly hug.

On the other hand, doing bad interactions will worsen their reputation, such as gossiping, arguing, fighting, and so on.

Reputation is determined by one's relationship with other Urbz. Socializing with Urbz to build relationships will increase reputation.

Rep is displayed on the HUD and when it gets to the big star, the Rep level will go up.

Sim who receives this penalty will have their rent raised by 5% the next time they pay their rent.

This penalty, however, won't stack if other household members also receive this.

This benefit, however, will stack with the Wholesale business perk.

So Sim with Shark of Sharks perk will get 40% discount off, for 30% from the perk and extra 10% from the benefit. Sim will be offered a blind date right on the spot.

Having a good reputation will give benefits to Sims, while a bad reputation will give penalties. Nearby Sims will react well or poorly to a Sim depending on the Sim's reputation.

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