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Physical abuse and bullying between siblings can create deep-rooted fissures and scars, contributing to eventual separation.

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“Now that mom has died, there’s no reason for us to get together for Thanksgiving” is a refrain heard from many siblings. If a family member is mired in drug and alcohol addiction, without getting help, “sometimes you can’t be dragged down to the morass,” Greif said.

Sibling estrangement is an outgrowth of “drifting apart and taking different paths.

It’s the secret that many Americans don’t like admitting: siblings often have deep problems getting along and, as a result, cut off their relationships.

Sibling estrangement is more common than you think.

“Cutting it off is a declaration that there is no hope here.

That’s a hard thing to do but sometimes it’s necessary for self-preservation,” she admitted.

Many sibling relationships are fraught with conflict, but most can be negotiated and worked out to each sibling’s satisfaction.

To sustain a difficult sibling relationship, Kennedy-Moore recommends taking these actions: Before cutting off a sibling relationship, Greif suggests asking yourself, what kind of narrative do you want to write about your life?

However, experts say that ending one should be a last resort and only transpire after giving a full effort to make it work.

When the sibling relationship becomes too toxic, relief can be the result.

So think twice before precipitously cutting off brotherly or sisterly alliances.

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