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This game begins in North America in the year 1929 and features two new main characters: a 16-year-old New Yorker named Johnny Garland, and a 21-year-old Native American woman named Shania.Shania has powers of fusion similar to Yuri and Kurando in the previous Shadow Hearts entries, but Shania is not a Harmonixer.For attacks, offensive and healing spells, there is also a narrow red area at the end of some sections; if this area is hit, then the attack or spell or item benefit is slightly increased; however, it is possible to miss these areas easily and fail the movement.

For most offensive and some defense spells, there are areas that must be hit before a last larger area to successfully complete the spell.

Most other actions have just one single area to be hit.

On a branch of the Trans-Siberian Railroad in Manchuria, the game's protagonist, Yuri Volte Hyuga (Urumof "Uru" Bort Hyuga in the Japanese version), hears a voice in his head telling him to rescue the young Alice Elliot, whose priest father was recently murdered in a most brutal fashion in Rouen, France.

After an English gentleman by the name of philosopher Roger Bacon attempts to abduct Alice from the Japanese army himself, Yuri saves her, and starts a quest through China (and eventually Europe) to discover Alice's importance, Bacon's intent, the identity of the mysterious voice, and his own relevance.

Special items or persons can widen the size of the marked areas to decrease the chance of missing the mark, or even add a new zone for an additional attack.

Equipable items may alter how the Ring behaves, trading off with another statistic; for example, one may be able to increase a character's speed in battle (attacking more often) at the cost of having the Ring sweep faster.

However, the 'Demon of Domremy' is actually the Harmonixer Yuri from the first Shadow Hearts.

Yuri, Karin, and Nicolai soon become entangled in a plot involving secret conspiracies, the Russian royal family, the Japanese foreign minister, the mystical tome from Koudelka, and more.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant (also called Shadow Hearts II) directly continues from the story at the end of Shadow Hearts, assuming the "bad ending" was correct.

This game features 2 DVD ROM discs instead of the usual 1, which provides (according to the publisher) 40 hours of gameplay.

In addition to the usual Hit Points and Mana Points for each character, there are also Sanity Points (SP), which decrease every turn the character is in battle (as a representation of the character's exposure to the horrific and maddening creatures) or can also be drained by enemies.

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