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My children's happiness and sense of growing curiosity about how to engage in the world are clear evidence of the school's strength. The Minnesota Waldorf School is part of that equation.

We share the idea that time spent outdoors in kindergarten (and later), enhancing their imaginations and being creative seem more appropriate than "pushing" academics and homework too soon.

My son attended Minnesota Waldorf School from 4th - 8th grade (graduated June 2015) and it was a wonderful experience.

My children were well prepared for high school and beyond - and I am often asked by teachers where they went before high school as they ask the deeper questions in class, are interested in learning and curious about applications of their learning in the larger world.

It's also an wonderful place where students explore the world through the arts and language - including great storytelling! I am an alumni parent, having sent three children to the Minnesota Waldorf School.

By way of introduction, I am a professor at a state university and have been teaching since 1990.

As one who teaches, I have a deep appreciation for education and how it shapes an individual's whole being.

Both children have thrived at MWS and are happy and excited to go to school every morning. I love being part of a community of families with shared values (no/limited screen time for young children, outdoor play, art, music, recess, natural and organic foods, tolerance, emphasis on reduce, reuse, recycle).

The support of its teachers, staff, and other parents has been invaluable.

I see many students in college unable to form engaging questions, unable to think for themselves, and unable to stand up for themselves.

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