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I also have experience from my favorite "job" of all - babysitting my nephews and nieces as often as I can and enjoying the privilege and blessing of watching them grow.

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Hello, my name is Karin and I am currently a Kindergarten Teacher. References and documentation are available upon request.

I have 2 bachelor degrees from Rowan University: elementary education & liberal studies. I look forward to hearing from you.:) Since I have my own transportation, I am willing to travel to your family.

Any objections of the Chief of Police shall be written and shall constitute basis to deny the license.

Such license shall contain the information required to be given on the application therefor.

I can do many things from playing and spending time with children to preparing meals and tidying up.

I have experience looking after my younger cousins and several families I babysit for.

Park any vehicle upon any of the streets or alleys in the Borough for the purpose of sorting, rearranging, or cleaning any of his goods, wares, or merchandise or of disposing of any carton, wrapping material, or stock, wares or foodstuffs which have become unsatiable through handling, age or otherwise; and The Chief of Police shall supervise the activities of all persons holding licenses under this article.

He shall keep a record of all licenses issued hereunder and shall make a report thereof each month to the Borough Council.

I also have been an entertainer/dancer at Amusement Park for 5 years.

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