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My SO asks me for kisses all the time, sometimes as I'm walking past him he'll hug me and just say "kiss me", because he knows I'm super stressed and super focused and I could use that kiss and he could use that kiss.

Sometimes he'll ask me to him by emailing me or texting me a " me" or " me please" note because he knows that a lot of the time I'm meeting with a client, on the phone with a client or if I'm not at work I'm caring for my dying mother and don't always have the to answer the when he s. I also think that men use much more terse language than women do and it can sometimes be misinterpreted.

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Too often, a couples profile is jam-packed with tantalizing photos of the female, but nothing of the male.

Remember, the ladies want a sneak peak at what the male has to offer as well.

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High quality swingers site rarely allow nudity in the primary photos.

Besides, if you are meeting someone who only has their privates on display, how are you supposed to recognize them? Although quality is perhaps paramount when composing a pictorial profile, quantity cant hurt either.Another consideration when adorning your online ad with photos is the degree of naughtiness.Although this can be a subjective matter, the most success seems to come from profiles that handle their photo posting with a touch of class.If you dont savor the prospect of displaying yourselves in all of your naked glory for everyone to see, you can utilize this album for exhibiting clothed photos.Keep in mind that the first photo you post will serve as the defining image of your whole profile.Probably the most important role of the primary image is the one it serves in correspondence.

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