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Before the sniffing of bums, before the peeing on lamp posts, and before the salivating on the pavement, Dennis Duprey stands at the corner of Ocean Avenue in Kennebunkport, Maine, with a weird confidence for a man about to begin a food tour for five howling mutts.

“Captain, you don’t need to sniff everything, boy,” the tour guide shouts, gently tugging the scraggy-white bichon frise by the lead.

The first sign things are about to go to the dogs appears on the main road driving south from Portland, Maine’s largest city.

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Afterwards, on the way out of town, I roll the window down and stick my head out. Getting there Norwegian ( flies from London Gatwick, Edinburgh and Belfast to Providence/Boston-TF Green, from £142 one-way.

Kennebunkport is a two hour and 30 minute drive north via I-95.

“Did you know you can use milk as a remedy for constipation, unless your dog’s gluten-free?

” one says, while snacking on a pretzel with mustard.

“Just add a cup of milk to their bathwater.” Throughout, the owners drink craft brews while the dogs chew on soft-centre peanut butter biscuits under the table.

For all the screwiness of the tour, Kennebunkport itself is far more cookie-cutter, an idealised version of middle-class American suburban life with cutesy B&Bs, “Wisteria Lanes” and clapboard Queen Anne houses.There is a Scalawags (selling this ’n’ that souvenirs for cats and dogs), a Digs, Divots and Dogs (gifts for dog lovers and golfers), and a number of restaurants displaying dogs welcome signs.Lap bowls sit in front of every store, while window-shoppers hover outside with poodles dressed in powder-pink jackets.While Dennis tells us about the history of America’s favourite chocolate-frosted sandwich (it’s an Amish tradition, I learn, brought upstate from Pennsylvania, but also the official state treat of Maine), the dogs make a mess of the pavement.“It’s ice cream for dogs,” says a passerby, as my tour group slobbers ice cream down their droopy jowls.I later learn there is a strut-your-mutt parade every summer. Consider The Colony Hotel, a historic landmark on the Kennebunk River with a season-ending weekend when man’s best friend is allowed to eat in the dining room and swim in the beach club pool.

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