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Not only because it’s illegal, but also because the current moral context surrounding the practice would be too hard for the child to cope with.

Instead, Martijn strives for a change in the law and in society.

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He is thought to have been a member of Martijn, and admitted to abusing the children.

And an investigation by the newspaper NRC and Radio Netherlands Worldwide also reported widespread abuse in Roman Catholic institutions between 19.

It was handled very differently than what I’d seen in the Netherlands.

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Only the percentage is different, some have more than others.”According to Uittenborgaard, pedophilia is not only about sex.

He is, in fact, against penetration when it comes to small children, but he thinks that those above 12 years old are wise enough to decide whether they want to have intercourse with an adult.

When Marthijn Uittenbogaard’s lawyer contacted him with the news that his pro-pedophilia group could continue to exist, he took to Twitter: “Fortunately, there are still wise judges,” he wrote.

Uittenbogaard was the last leader of Martijn, a foundation established in 1982 to promote the legalization of consensual sex between adults and children in The Netherlands.

Had they committed a crime, then it would have been easy to dismantle the organization, says Schutgens.

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