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A hearing on the Trump administration's plans to reduce government got testy Wednesday as Sen.

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Unrelated Maryland cardiologist performs another 25 in a separate incident. It’s not even just about the cardiology insurance fraud, cardiology kickback schemes, or cardiology research data falsification conspiracies.

California cardiologist does “several hundred” dangerous unnecessary surgeries and gets raided by the FBI. That could all just be attributed to some distorted incentives in cardiology as a field.

According to data available from the “Officer Down Memorial Page” on the annual number of non-accidental, firearm-related police fatalities, 2015 is on track to be the safest year for law enforcement in the US since 1887 (except for a slightly safer year in 2013), more than 125 years ago.

And adjusted for the country’s growing population, the years 20 will be the two safest years for police in US history, measured by the annual number of firearm-related police fatalities per 1 million people.

' There’s a well-established history of ...' You may not realize it, but you're way more likely to be affected by a robbery or burglary, including a stolen vehicle, depending on where you live in the U. California city claiming the top spot A little-known California company went public -- and it’s already made some insiders rich -- including its 40-year-old visionary leader who's raked in millions.

Trillion dollar opportunity for investors Collins' iconic track ' In the Air Tonight' was long believed to be about a man watching someone drown -- but the tune is about something different entirely.No matter what point the media wants to make, there will be hundreds of salient examples.No matter how low-probability their outcome of interest is, they will never have to stop covering it if they don’t want to.This has briefly gotten some coverage in the form of “the war on police”.As per AEI: Is there a “war on police” in America today?What about the Long Island cardiologist who hired a hitman to kill a rival cardiologist, ahd who was also for some reason looking for “enough explosives to blow up a building”? But after re-reading the post, I think the argument is more complex. If even one in a thousand is a robber, you can provide one million examples of Chinese robbers to appease the doubters.

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