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Married Women Seeking Married Men – Virtual dating is 1 safe choice for married women seeking married men.

In this kind of dating, the online site enables every member to produce an avatar.

Why are so many people unhappy in their relationship?

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Beyond that, I do think people need help understanding how to maintain a healthy relationship for the long haul. Can we glean things from those relationships to make our romantic relationships work better?

I have been getting a few emails from people (particularly men) wondering if is only for married women seeking married men, the short answer to this question is No :-).

The idea of sanctity in a marriage is no longer a permanent point.

Married women seeking married men think, Husbands and wives are disillusioned much more and more by the unbecoming events that happen in their lives.

According to Dana Adam Shapiro’s research for his book You Can Be Right (or You Can Be Married), very few married people are happy — he says about 17 percent. A lack of communication, dishonesty and adultery are among the top problems, he notes.

One poll finds that about six in 10 of us are unhappily coupled, four out of 10 say they have considered leaving their partner and one in 10 don’t even trust their partner anymore. The poll goes on to detail the most-mentioned problems, the top five being lack of spontaneity, lack of romance, terrible sex life, no time to give each other attention and lack of time to talk.

Women who find themselves in this kind of relationship usually feel trapped and unable to leave their husbands or partners for a number of different reasons, one recurring reason is that the couple have children together.

It used to be thought that only men cheated, or at least it was accepted that men had out there, we know that is not true and we can say, ‘thankfully those days are long behind us and not likely to ever return again.’ Their is no one reason why married women and men seek out other married people, but it has been said that, if two people in similar situations are taking similar risks, then it feels like the risk or burden is being halved.

Conversely, on the internet dating web sites match the married people based on the info they supply to the website, which might altogether be false.

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