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The sex chat is used by men - very rarely women - from all walks of life. From transvestite vicars in frilly knickers to accountants dressed as adult babies and pensioners with food fetishes."One regular customer only wants to hear girls eating large bags of doughnuts or big juicy apples," confides Tricia.In the end, I decided it couldn't be because it was not as if I was a prostitute meeting a man and having sex." Even so, it took Tricia months to tell her mother, and Nigel's father still prefers to believe they work in telesales.

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In the first week, they took 65 calls, charging pounds 14.99 for 15 minutes, with customers paying by cheque or postal order. "During one row, I threw the telephone into the garden.

Within two weeks, the number of callers had trebled. I had an old-fashioned religious upbringing and I was trying to work out whether what we were doing was immoral or not.

The telephone rings, he snatches it, excited, palms sweating. He has never done this before, he is nervous and, by the way, she can call him Raymond. "Imagine I have just walked into your room, I'm kneeling at your feet, kissing your inner thigh..." When he's gone, Penny, a plain 42-year-old brunette in jeans and T-shirt and no make-up, laughs: "Men are so silly." A divorcee and mother of a teenage daughter, she is one of 70 women (and a handful of men) home workers, employed by Pleasure Dome, an adult chat line company set up in Southampton five years ago by Nigel Jones, 42, a former police officer and his wife, Tricia, 41, a former nurse.

She describes her long blonde hair, 40-inch bust and lacy black panties, Mr Baxter [not his real name] confesses details of his lonely life.

"He calls from a telephone box on a street corner in broad daylight. The most common fantasy, though, is probably still black stockings and enormous breasts." In the last five years, the couple have moved out of rented accommodation into a luxury house.

Nigel drives a Mercedes and says the company has an annual turnover of pounds 500,000. When they met in 1988, Nigel was a custody officer and Tricia was working for a doctor's emergency service.I used my own voice, because I am no good at disguising it - but, amazingly, no one ever suspected it was all the same person." Nigel recalls: "When the punter was close to orgasm, Tricia would give me a wink and, just as they climaxed, I would switch the stereo on to play the 'Hallelujah Chorus'.They really seemed to appreciate that." As the business grew, they hired women to handle the phone lines, some of whom had approached them asking for work through the adverts. Full-time receptionists were also employed to operate the screening and distribution of calls.There are further bonuses for women who receive more than 30 per cent repeat business.The women who concentrate and sound sincere are always more successful. The Joneses are clearly prospering, despite recent measures to curb adult sex lines and premium rate calls.Tricia now concentrates on the accounts and marketing.

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