Sex cams accepts amex

'cause the company's suing her famous ass for a FAT unpaid balance. We know Iggy lives large, she's a rapper after all, but if what Amex says is true ... According to docs obtained by TMZ, American Express is dragging Iggy to court over a 0,000 statement ... let's hope she still has the receipt for the fine art that set her back k. The main disadvantage is a hefty £1 a month charge for the privilege.

The battle to encourage people to switch credit cards takes a new turn next week when Egg relaunches its premium plastic card with better rewards and benefits.

The main attraction of the new Egg Money World Master Card is 1 per cent cashback on all transactions.

We are open from 8am till 7pm Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm on a Saturday and from 10am to 4pm on Sundays/Bank Holidays - call 01603 486413.

We also have a Live Chat facility where you can chat to one of our Customer Service team online.

American Express provides the name and billing address of the customer.

The customer’s first name will be truncated to ten characters if it is longer than that.

What sound could be sweeter than the dull crunch of a credit card being bisected by the kitchen scissors?

It's set to be the soundtrack of the summer, long after the drone of the vuvuzelas has died away, and the grunts of ladies with excess endorphins on centre court are silenced.

American Express cardholders can use their online account details to pay using the Amex Express Checkout button on your site.

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