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On seeing this, the nobles from the court came and persuaded him to change his decision.

They pleaded that the Maharaja had chosen Raja Dhiyan Singh, amongst all men because of his wisdom and it was in the greater interest of Punjab that he looked after the affairs, run the state and guided the crown Prince Kharag Singh. Prince Kharag Singh then, walked up to him and convinced him to change his mind.

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Geeta, the holy book, was placed on the Maharaja`s body.

The Satti Ranis administered the oath on Geeta and the body of Maharaja, by Raja Dhiyan Singh and Prince Kharag Singh to fulfill their duties for the best of Khalsa Raj and the Punjab Empire.

Originally, the Sanskrit word for lion, variously transliterated as Simha or Singh was used as a title by Kshatriya warriors in northern parts of India.

The earliest recorded examples of the names ending with "Simha" are the names of the two sons of the Saka ruler Rudraraman in the second century CE.

All the courtiers, who attended the royal procession, paid their respect to the Maharaja’s remains.

The reagents of the area, from where the remains passed on their way to Ganga, came out to pay homage.Raja Dhiyan Singh went near the Ranis and requested for prayers for Prince Kharag Singh, the Sattis did not reply and stayed still with tight lips and closed eyes.When flames flickered high, oil, ghee (purified butter) and scents were thrown in.He offered him to leave the assignment as soon as calm prevails, to which he agreed.Both the Ranis, moved out of the palace and sat around Maharaja’s dead body. It was later adopted by several castes and communities.

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