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Crucially for PSG, the test is retrospective and is based on the accounts for the three previous seasons.

We should probably disregard the stories about Barcelona asking UEFA to carry out an immediate FFP investigation; for one thing, there is no facility within the rules for one club to lodge an appeal against a potential breach of the FFP rules by another club, before an FFP Break-Even test has been failed.

Along with Death and Taxes, you can be certain that there will always be new set of Financial Fair Play rules to get your head around.

This is actually my second attempt at explaining this season’s rules in the Championship – my effort to 23 December contained an error so I’ll start this one again.

Crucially, this harmonisation of the rules comes with the blessing of the Premier League - so we shouldn’t see any repeat of the stand-offs that arose (and are still ongoing) with QPR and Leicester.

Previously, the Premier League bosses refused to help the Football League collect the ‘Fair Play Tax’ fines for clubs that overspent but won promotion – this lack of support significantly undermined the Football League and severely impacted on the effectiveness of the Football League punishments.

The two shadow units were dual-role training units (Operational Conversion Units) that reverted to operational duties, assigned to SACEUR in a European tactical nuclear war. More precise data with squadron identities and basing can be seen using the links below.

The Royal Navy's helicopter squadrons are omitted since basing of single helicopters embarked on numerous small escort ships is difficult to collate reliably.

The transaction would be captured under the RPT rules and a fair value applied to the transaction (i.e. See extract of the rules: 3b seems to capture this scenario.

Interestingly, if PSG purchase Neymar’s contract in the standard manner, the transfer fee would be ‘amortised’ over the life of the contract.

The Although UEFA wouldn't discount all the QTA £70m, they would exclude most of it; hence it would still be surprising if PSG could pass the Break Even test carried out in 2018/19 FFP.

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