Sccm collection membership not updating

Any deviation from the required versions results in loss of Long Term Support, and instead is classified and supported as a Current Release.Use Citrix LTSR Assistant tool to confirm LTSR compliance.

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After a brief discussion I noted that there wasn’t any guide on howto create this manually (found a scripted method on SCUG. As a prerequisite the AD Security Group has to be discovered resource.

You can review the collection members of “All Users and User Groups” and see what groups are discovered – if what you are looking for isn’t there most likely you are required to tweak the AD Discovery methods you are using.

The user will not receive any deployments until their kerberos ticket has the AD Security Group membership update reflected.

Most commonly this only happens during a lock / unlock or logoff / logon.

There are three different LTSR programs: LTSR requires you to be on Customer Success Services Select, formerly known as Software Maintenance.

LTSR is supported for 5 years from the LTSR release date, plus 5 more years of optional extended support.I have added these machine from CAS (CAS Primary Concept).In sccm 2012 my device collection(all system) is not updating properly. Before the collection reflects the AD Security Group change there has passed a few minutes and once all the bells and whistles are done – the deployment is available for the user.A direct rule will not require that the collection is updated at all, however if the AD Security Group is recreated it is required to update the collection with a new direct rule (as the resource will have a new ID).In the Morning in SCCM 2012, I observed Hour Glass on the collection after adding members for almost 3 hours. Now it is 2 hours and the two machines do not show up when double clicked on the collection.

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