Samarium radioactive dating

Overall Carbon-14 is good for finding the age out for younger organisms rather than older organisms.

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Thus the Sm half-life value of 106 ± 0.8 Byr has now been adopted for standard use by the uniformitarian geological community.

This value is based on the weighted average of four direct counting determinations in the period 1961–1970 and the recalibration in the 1970s of Sm-Nd model ages of two meteorites by forcing them (essentially by circular reasoning) to agree with their Pb-Pb isochron and model ages.

The Isotope appears to form rapidly and constantly making it apart of the carbon dioxide in the air and in life.

By comparing the activity of the Carbon-14 and the equilibrium levels of living organism a time can be found for this method to work.

2001; Steiger and Jäger 1977), in spite of ongoing attempts (Miller 2012).

The uncertainties associated with most direct half-life determinations are, in most cases, still at the 1% level, which is still significantly better than any radioisotope method for determining the ages of rock formations.

Indeed, current radioisotope dating methodologies are at best hypotheses based on extrapolating current measurements and observations back into an assumed deep time history for the cosmos.

Sm, α decay, direct counting, emulsions, liquid scintillation counters, ionization chambers, surface-barrier detectors, Geiger counter, counting efficiencies, geological comparisons, meteorites, U-Pb “gold standard”, U ratio Radioisotope dating of rocks and meteorites is perhaps the most potent claimed proof for the supposed old age of the earth and the solar system.

But many unprovable assumptions are also involved, not the least being that the radioisotope systems closed at the same time and subsequently remained closed.

Furthermore, even this “gold standard” has unresolved uncertainties due to the U decay constants being imprecisely known, and to measured variations of the U ratio in terrestrial rocks and minerals and in meteorites.

Even though this method is highly reliable it does come with some drawbacks.

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