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I've never understood whether Fadi was lying when he said he spent the 'whole weekend' at George's house or whether he had actually lost track of days...

Best thing for him is to shut up at least until the toxicology report is out (then hopefully the truth will come out..) and then people will leave him alone" He also wrote "Alot of the things you read are not true. I have told him not to bite but hes his own person.

He is not being allowed to grieve which is very sad x"So maybe ppl now are making sure he doesn't cause more damage than he already done..

I don't think that he can blame anyone but himself for whatever backlash he might be going through these days.

Someone on the other thread on the topic is saying that the drug G might have been involved in GM's death.

Besides, I don't think it would be a good idea for him to write a book about George, as there's already quite a lot of public backlash as a result of Fadi's desperate famewhoring since GM died.

Where is the Leech living now that he has probably been evicted from George's place in London?

Also want to know who his druggie friends were.[quote]Shady Fadi needs to spill the beans about GM's final days. Ever vigilant though will be the boys in blue, seeing what Fadi has to say for himself. Poor George deserved better - but given the mess into which his life had devolved, the aftermath could never be straightforward. Unfortunately, he loves the spotlight too much to do any of this.

Even getting a bodyguard seems like a stunt trying to get some attention. His body guard went on one of George's forums (a day after he met F, but it wasn't published yet), and posted something about how ppl are mean to him. then he pm me - (His name was Carl James Warren Taylor but now his fb page is gone) his message was - "Hi id rather not share to all but hes a friend of mine. Would George go with someone thats not a lovely person?

This past year was he holed up in his house, getting fatter, and narrating his documentary that supposedly is coming out to accompany the reissue of "Listen Without Prejudice"?

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