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Robert Morris hoped his work would result in the English backing down from their course, which was clearly against the British constitution.

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Robert Morris was born on January 31, 1734 in Liverpool, England, the son of Robert Morris, Sr. Robert’s mother died when he was two and he was brought up by his maternal grandmother.

His father, Robert Morris, Sr., was born at Liverpool in 1700 and was an ironworker.

Robert set to work, and in his twenties he took some of his earnings and joined a few friends in creating the London Coffee House, an institution which the Philadelphia Stock Exchange claims as its origin.

At one point during the Seven Years War (1756-1763) Robert was sent as a ship captain on a trading mission to Jamaica where he was captured by French Privateers.

He was also worried that the colonists were not really prepared for a war with the superpower of the day.

He argued for a peaceful resolution, speaking out against independence.

Fortunately he escaped with his crew and took refuge in Cuba, where they scraped out a living.

When an American ship arrived in Havana, he returned home to Philadelphia.

This beautiful estate had a greenhouse where he grew oranges and pineapples, two farmhouses, barns, and various other buildings.

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