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It’s through the success of our records that I’ve been able to really focus on that as my main purpose in life.” For their new studio album, , Linkin Park went back to basics.

Enlisting producer Rick Rubin (U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Run DMC), the band pared back the dependence on loops and machines that had dominated their previous albums sounds more natural as well, his reliance on computer editing software taking a back seat to grooves that flow with more visceral intent, and less focus on syncing with the loops of Linkin Park’s DJ and mastermind, Mike Shinoda. So it’s great now that I have a home studio so I can go downstairs, walk into my soundproof room, and practice drums right at home.

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Don't believe myths, try it out yourself, and you'll see the difference. An absolute classic that is very difficult to replicate! Projects for about 3 hours and bordering on a strong sillage. It's like a bitter citrus punch in the face, but in a good way!

I can understand people saying they get a cut grass vibe but for me it's like a different type of leafage/foliage, some sort of freshly cut greenary! I'm a woman and this is clearly meant to be a man's scent but something about it appealed to me at the time that I was willing to plunk all that $$$ on it. IT NEEDED TO BE ON THE WARM SKIN IN ORDER TO BLOOM! Nozzle-sniffing and spraying on paper this whole time because I didn't want to be stuck with Lysol-stink on my skin for hours.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to wait for the drydown.

Green Irish Tweed is a green herbal fragrance very mature and sophisticated in my opinion.

Green Irish Tweed opens with top notes of iris and lemon verbena. The base notes are ambergris and Mysore sandalwood. The nose behind this fragrance is Olivier Creed Sixth Generation. It smells sporty and green but it's not sophisticated enough for me. I was wearing this the other day at a nice hotel/casino and my brother-in-law, a great gambler that never compliments my fragrances, his eyes were rolling in the back of his head as a he was taking a huge whiff and he exclaimed "Mike, what are you wearing!? What have they done to one of the finest warm weather scents ever created.

" He took another whiff and stated "It smells amazing." It smells almost like Cool Water but with a touch more herbal and with the iris more present. Honestly I find it too expensive for what it offers besides it smells something outdated. I started wearing Creed in 2004 and probably wore it everyday until I went back to study in 2008. I really am not going to go on anymore, but GIT is not GIT anymore.

It's really magical and a little bit clean and soapy, but soapy in a good way. I guess in the dry-down maybe the verbana blending with the iris creates a cinnamon-y effect?

I kind of see it, but honestly GIT would be the much older, much cooler and fresher half-brother of Viking.

Back in 1999, Rob Bourdon was just another drummer in LA, playing with his band Linkin Park, doing the rounds of clubs, and working on his loops, beats, and pieces.

Fast forward eight years: Bourdon is now one of the most successful drummers in the world, fans clamor for a glimpse of his handsome visage, and his rap-rock records with Linkin Park have sold over forty million units. How has success changed the mild-mannered Rob Bourdon?

We tracked the drums in what used to be the main living room, which is a big room.

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