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You get free lap dances - Now since you're in a strip club, I would guess you like lap dances.If you do then the experience of having one at home and being able to have sex after on a regular basis will blow you away.3.She is very highly sexed - Generally speaking even if girls strip for money they have am above average interest in sex in the first place.

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They work very long hours (my girl works til 7am most weekends) and work very hard.

The ones who have a day job do so for security and normality rather than money.

Most people reading this board would be looking for the former.

These girls are just like any other ambitious girl who has a good job.


They challenge what is considered widely acceptable in society and shock or repulse people, including your friends and family.

Strippers aren't allowed to meet you outside of work or give you their number.

Strip clubs are a place of business and to prevent the possibility of solicitation of prostitution (which does happen) for which the club would lose their licence, their is are strict rules on this.

She has money - My last gf was a student and after she got a job earning minimum wages I generally speaking I paid for everything. Me and my girl go away for weekends to great hotels and go on to big nights out.

We've planning to go on holiday to Marbella in the summer and she's happy to pay for half of everything.4.

My girl earns on average x10 her weekly salary through stripping at the weekend.

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