Randy orton and trish stratus dating speed dating carlisle pa

Some appearances by Roman, Dean, Erik, Luke and my friend Ryder Orion. probably the commission most out of my usual wheelhouse i've gotten so far? directive was 3000 words of triple h/randy orton/steph mcmahon after randy knocked steph down by accident after the ascension ceremony for the championship belts, with hints of femdom from steph.

(I am the Paige in this songfic.) Also, this is my first story. i got a little carried away toward the end though When Meredith Pearson's house burns down and her whole world goes topsy turvy she turns to her bestfriend Adam!

After nearly seven years in the business, Stratus retired from professional wrestling at WWE Unforgiven on September 17, 2006 after winning her record-setting seventh WWE Women's Championship.

Early in her career, she was mostly involved in sexually themed storylines, such as managing the team T & A (Test & Albert, while doubling as a slang expression abbreviated from "Tits and Ass"), and a kayfabe affair with Vince Mc Mahon's Mr. As Stratus spent more time in the ring, her perceived wrestling skills strengthened and her popularity increased.

Because of this, she was made a one-time WWE Hardcore Champion, three-time "WWE Babe of the Year" and was proclaimed "Diva of the Decade".

At No Way Out on February 25, Stratus and Stephanie squared off, with Stephanie scoring the victory after a run-in by William Regal.

In the midst of a tag team match that pitted Vince and Stratus against Regal and Stephanie the next night on Raw, Stratus was the victim of a set-up by Vince, Stephanie and Regal.

After the match, Jeff Hardy saved Stratus from an attack by Victoria and Richards and then kissed her, resulting in Stratus becoming Hardy's on-screen girlfriend once more.

The two would talk and kiss backstage, compete as an intergender tag team, and come to each other's aid when in danger during singles competition.She was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013 as the youngest member in its history.Aside from professional wrestling, Stratus is considered to be a sex symbol, appearing on a number of magazine covers and has been involved in charity work.A storyline feud between Stratus and Lita developed after the match with Stratus attacking Lita on episodes of Raw and Smack Down! This led to an Indian Strap match between the two women on the July 24 episode of Raw, which Stratus won with help from Stephanie Mc Mahon.In early 2001, Stratus became involved in an angle with WWF Chairman Vince Mc Mahon, during a time when Vince's wife Linda was kayfabe institutionalized following a demand Vince had made for a divorce during an episode of Smack Down! On the February 19 episode of Raw, Stephanie and Trish were scheduled for a match, but it quickly got cancelled due to Stephanie getting stunned by Steve Austin.Bray wants what he can't have, Seth Rollin's girlfriend Paige Nicole (NOT PAIGE THE REAL WWE DIVA!

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