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It was also one of the most expensive PCB's we've bought so far!Puzz Loop 2 As an update to the previous news, there seems to be another way we can get at the data in the HD647180 MCU.It's _only_ 00 ;-) A few more adapters arrived today. So I can dump those too, but unfortunately we'll need another adapter :-( This means sound in Gun Nail, Mustang, Acrobat Mission, Vandyke, Black Heart and possibly others that use the NMK004 chip is possible once the chip is dumped.

This happens when working with a complete 147 merged/zip set and also same result happens with merged/7-zipstrange thing is there is a different amount of roms that cmpro moves to backup path depending if your doing merged/zip or merged/7-zip Here are some quotes from a friend testing along with me. While updating my 0.147 7z/merged set to 0.147u2, I ended up missing 20 ROMs.

These were not part of the 0.147 to 0.147u3 update torrent. However, they were part of the 0.147 7z/merged set I started with (I made a backup of that)!

I've been working with another dev and we've got a current release _private_ build playing Vimana with full sound which is almost indistinguishable from the original.

This was achieved because I've sampled all the sounds from test mode and saved them as files which are then played when the MCU asks.

It's currently the last pic showing the Hilo Programmer there....

Also, we decided to buy one of the needed PLCC EEPROMs, they're only around new :-) I found a few chips here, and a few other people contacted me, but none so far are suitable.

Not directly, but we can side-step around it with this device, which allows us to snoop on what any chip is sending to any other chip, and what it receives from any other chip.

It can be used to monitor and capture any data travelling to/from it's Data and Address lines.

Solar Warrior (Memetron, 1987, for 68705 trojaning) 2x Pro Golf (Data East, 198x, has some sort of custom CPU/epoxy block on it :-( Jaleco Trivia (198? Looks like a version of Trivia Master by 'Enerdyne Technologies', but it's running on a Jaleco Naughty Boy PCB?? Unfortunately there are missing ROMs so it's mostly useless :( These were purchased by Randy on EBay a few months ago IIRC as mostly unknown stuff that went fairly cheaply.

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