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For a status request of your order, ask [email protected] include the reference number of your payment, and your VPN account username. In our software, select a different server, and switch protocol between "Open VPN®" and "PPTP.

If not working, please provide us with the connection log and diagnostic logs of our client / respectively all logs and error messages you're getting.

If you're running a Mac operating system, check out this article: How to properly re-install HMA!

[status=5 if_index=47] Wed Nov 02 2011 Route addition via IPAPI failed [adaptive] Wed Nov 02 2011 Route addition fallback to Wed Nov 02 2011 ERROR: Windows route add command failed [adaptive]: returned error code 1 Cause: The HMA client for Windows is unable to create routing rules, so the system does not use the VPN although it is connected.

Usually also caused if the client was installed and run with insufficient privileges.

Solution: First you should try to run the HMA client with administrator privileges, by rightclicking the HMA shortcut and select “Run as Administrator”.

If this won’t help, uninstall HMA client, reboot, reinstall HMA client the same way.

Have you been using Tinder for a while now to no avail?

Some are experiencing the same problems and it’s not always down to their looks.

Deleting Tinder or deleting your account isn’t going to solve this problem, there’s a very particular way you need to do it so don’t go through the whole hassle of deleting and reinstalling the app.

Note: You should also make sure you have the latest version of both the Tinder and Facebook apps and that your synch settings allow apps to synch.

How to is explained here, for Mac and Windows: I can't send emails while connected to the VPN! I have paid but when I login to the VPN control panel, I get asked to pay again That means your payment has not been received yet.

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