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Then, the monarchical element was replaced by a local and civil one; the President of the Republic, now a Maltese national, became the Head of the Maltese State.

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Malta is a popular holiday destination and tourism is the nation's main source of income.

Lawrence Gonzi took office in March 2004, just before Malta entered the EU.

Maltese radio began in the mid-1930s, partly to counter Fascist propaganda broadcasts from Italy.

Malta Television launched in 1962, five years after the islanders started receiving TV signals from Italy. The first private broadcasting licences were granted to the two major political parties and the Catholic Church.

Many of Malta's newspapers and broadcasters have strong political affiliations.

Dailies and weeklies appear in Maltese and English.Its first Constitution of 1964 was substantially amended in December 1974 and again in 1987.Its legal system is based on English common law, with however many elements of Roman civil law.The territory of the Maltese Islands is now divided into 67 different localities (53 in Malta; 14 in Gozo & Comino) each with its own democratically elected local council.By means of a gradual process of devolution, local councils are now responsible for the upkeep of public spaces and gardens, fixing and maintenance of road signs and markings; communication services.They will in future be also responsible for tourist and transport services; and the setting up and running of nurseries, child care facilities, kindergartens, state schools, health centres, state pharmacies and senior citizen homes.

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