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Several reports on the state of affairs in the North-West Territories had stressed the symbolic significance of the traditional British army uniform for the Indigenous people.

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The government also feared that violence and lawlessness in the new territories might provide American expansionists with an excuse to move in.

Canada in the 1870s, like most jurisdictions whose legal systems were based on English common law, had few police forces.

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The larger cities had primitive local constabularies; small towns and the countryside had no police at all.

In these areas the burden of maintaining public order fell upon the courts, backed up in emergencies by the military.

After Confederation, when the newly formed nation was negotiating the purchase of Rupert's Land, the federal government faced the problem of how to administer this vast territory peacefully.

The Hudson's Bay Company had ruled this frontier (what is today northern Quebec and Ontario, all of Manitoba, and parts of Saskatchewan, Alberta and the northern territories) for almost two centuries without serious friction between fur traders and the Indigenous population.

Since 1886 all basic training of RCMP recruits has been carried out at Depot Division in Regina.

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