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FW trotted off to the barber and slapped down for his ‘do.

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And our ultimate financial destiny is enshrined in the spending decisions we make on a daily basis.

But I’m no a devotee of onerous, multi-part budgets or time-intensive coupon cutting ordeals. My easy trick is to simply embrace frugal habits, which provide a lifetime of savings with very little effort.

Ok, it’s not actually that much of a secret–all you have to do is cut your own hair at home (or have a friend/partner/spouse cut it for you). Frugalwoods’ hair at home four years ago, I couldn’t predict just how much money this would save us over the course of a month, a year, or a lifetime.

In retrospect, that’s exactly what I should’ve calculated, if only for my own affirmation.

” but it’s a skill that’s socked away in our pantheon of abilities nevertheless. Every time we collaborate on a project together–such as planting our vegetable garden the other week–we hone and refine our partnership and communication skills.

Realizing that we’re capable of doing things ourselves opened a door for Mr. Much like a garden, a marriage is a living, breathing entity that requires tending (awww, homestead metaphor).One of my fave examples of a repeated expense are haircuts. Because most people get haircuts and most people pay for them.And given the fact that hair continually grows, most people find themselves paying for to snaring free haircuts for the rest of your life?Rather, our spending habits are ingrained grooves that we repeatedly grind along.Whether it’s as catastrophic as continually maxing out credit cards we have no ability to pay off or as pedestrian as shopping every week at an expensive grocery store (cough Whole Foods cough); we are what we repeatedly buy.FW’s heretofore hidden talent as Vidal Sassoon sprung forth and my hair turned out great–with layers and angles around the face and everything!

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