Piss and love woodman collection updating

- santa barbara, ca tom's audio words-eye-view for week one here!from raul: Been having very vivid anxiety style dreams leading up to this tour, so it basically feels like getting no sleep at all, and getting up with a weird stress in the back of brain.and then once more later in december, the first time ever in england at the all tomorrow's parties festival there. for the last month and a half we've been doing prac on it like a motherfucker.

Today is no different, and the first word out of my mouth is when i hear the alarm sound is "oh fuck".

I had to laugh at that cliche stupidness, and then i felt instantly better.

Casey rules, and is a bitchin bass player in toys that kill.

I take this little time to talk with him as a good omen for the tour, complete randomness that makes situations like sitting in front of your house waitin take on a bit more significance. Just cool timing, and getting to chat with a friend before you leave town for two months is always nice.

Watt got shipment of our vinyl yesterday, on top of that he's got boxes of the disc in his pad, so after some quick coff, me and kevin head over to his pad to load the boat with the merch.

On the way back from doing the extra thing yesterday, we made a plan to clean all the shit out the boat, and figure out how to fit everything in the van.

I have an hour to grab some chow, and hang with my cat before watt is coming to pick me up.

While waitin in front of my place, casey from toys that kill just happens to ride by on his bike.

We get there and realize that no one is there to receive them....aaaarggghhh!

after a few phone calls, the delivery guy is found, and is still in town and can make the delivery!

Thanks so much to the santa barbara people and the bands waiting here to die, and comfort machine for helping us off to a great start for this tour.

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