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Generally any data/relic site with scan difficulty I or II will be faction one.

and I want ask if there any pirate data and Relic sites In wormholes. Chances are you will find more wormholes to other systems. Some will dump you into very quiet parts of nul sex.

and if not what kind of data and Relic sites can i find. and what sites can find in normal wormhole Yes, wormholes of classes 1 to 3 have a chance of spawning Pirate faction relic/data sites alongside regular Sleeper ones. Just bookmark the holes so you can try to get back that way.

"As to proving it beyond a shadow of a doubt, I don't know whether that's possible.

It's a pirate ship as opposed to a merchant ship, so you're not going to find a nameplate or something like that." Some researchers harbor doubts that the wreck is that of the QAR.

"Some people are never going to believe it's the Queen Anne's Revenge, and I think that's part of the mystery and the excitement," Wilde-Ramsing said.

"I'd be very, very surprised if it's anything else—but we've excavated less than 5 percent of the site, so there's a lot of interesting stuff still out there." Don't Miss a Discovery Sign up for our free newsletter.

They expressed their doubts in The International Journal of Nautical Archaeology this spring.

Still, several researchers dispute that the number is a date, suggesting that it refers instead to the weapon's price or its weight.

Shipwreck "One of the Best" All agree that the site is special.

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