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He’s got friends and projects and family and is living a busy, happy life — when his partner is around and when he’s alone.

I’m also not saying that twinges of discomfort are reasons to drop a relationship.

By the time I launched, the wind speed was hitting 20-25 km/hr, so I picked a lull and pulled the glider up.

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The air was surprisingly bumpy for a coastal site and this was because it was extremely unstable with cus popping in front.

I experienced some nice little 3.3 m\s bullet thermals that got me 100 m over launch at times.

We have new paramotor students so we are probably towing or PPG flying, so don't count on a shuttle ride from us - better to call Bev (Shuttle Bunny).

Clearwater "El Nido" Fly In 2018 - July 27-29 is the dates for the El Nido Fly-In.

Speedwings for Sale: Ozone Rapido 11 metre - only flown a few times on snow - $1500 Ozone Fazer 3 - 12 metre speedwing - custom blue colour - $1200 CDN.

Ozone Firefly 3 - 18 metre hybrid/speedwing - 00 CDN.

In the meantime, Rob Whittal launched what I think was an Ozone Rapido and was playing around in the strong wind considerable lower than the A3 (which is real climber).

It took me about fifteen minutes to get the A3 down.

If you hate it, if it feels wrong, if you feel dirty or betrayed or like you have to force yourself into something: Maybe poly isn’t for you. There are dozens of reasons why people make themselves try to be okay with poly. In a healthy poly/mono pairing, the monogamous partner has his own full life, ya know.

She’s not curled into a ball weeping when her partner isn’t with her.

Fly BC is an authorized distributor for Ozone , Sky Bean Varios, Gin , Sup Air, Flytec/ Naviter, Blackhawk Paramotors , Wills Wing.

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