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I get it..the fact of the matter is, I do now consider this guy sort of a friend. And if he gets bent..he is making too big a deal out of it. Whenever I consider 'penpals' just friends, I dont hold back telling them anything.

Where I'm stumped: I recently started going out with this guy. We have been on three dates and have not even kissed. I would hold off telling this pen pal / love interest potential about the new guy until you know that there is a definite connection and if you want to be with him or not. No sense in letting the cat out of the bag just yet. But basically he is in your Friend-Zone as a reserve backup. Mentioning you are dating someone is a good way to. Would you hold back telling a girl friend that you were going on a date with a guy?

He did mention again that he'll be coming home during Christmas and would like to take me out and would like to explore romantic potential if given the opportunity.....

*if I'm still available then* "because I'm sure I'm not the only guy out there"He has made it pretty clear that he's not been dating anyone. Not sure if he threw that out there to fish for info or to try to give me permission that it's okay to date around.

I tell him if there is a new guy in my life or not, and its fine.. This doesn’t mean you should tell him or that it’s ‘wrong’ or dishonest of you not to. When on dating sites, correspondence and contact with multiple people is the norm.

Issues of transparency and disclosure come up all the time. Have another date or two with the new guy and see how that feels.

It’s a tricky thing to resolve and I don’t think there’s one right answer. And write another letter or two to the pen-pal as usual.

But one position to take is that other guys might be seeing other people too, at least until you hear otherwise. Have you two (penpal) actually discussed your feelings for each other? By that time you’ll be a few weeks closer to thanksgiving or christmas and a possible meeting.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

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