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The atmosphere is very laid-back and convivial, with lots of hands-on participation and time for questions.

After lunch, Paule leads the group on a gourmet walking tour that combines sightseeing anecdotes, secret culinary addresses to stock your own kitchen, and a peek behind-the-scenes of a popular Parisian bakery.

If you are looking for something special for your group, ask about creating a private event!

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More than just about cooking, when you're with Theresa you'll also learn about seasonal products, the history of many recipes, nutrition, issues concerning GMO, farm-to-farm seeds, domestic fair trade, and CSA (community supported farms - AMAP in France).

Half-day classes for private parties of 2-6 in their vactioning apartments or group classes in her kitchens are €220 for individiuals, €170 per person for private parties or group classes.

The newly remolded school is a three floor facility including a Seine view top floor kitchen.

The school regularly gives classes in both French or English, and has something for every taste bud and budget (ranging from €65 per person to €150).

Conveniently located in four locations around the city, including the business districts of the Champs-Elysées and the Opéra, these ateliers have become the trendy place for 30-something professionals -- as many men as women -- to gather in a fun and informal atmosphere.

All of the classes are hands on, so even if your French is rusty, all you have to do is copy what the chef if demonstrating.She also does Loire Valley tours with lodging in an old farmhouse in Pontlevoy. Paule Caillat's Promenades Gourmandes Tel 01 48 04 56 84 A day with Paule begins with a market tour of her northern Marais neighborhood for the day’s supplies.As the small group of six or less guests goes from bakery to butcher shop to cheese store, Paule explains how to choose the best produce, which cuts of meat to buy, and the difference between buying fresh or aged French cheeses.Then it’s back to her large kitchen, where everyone gathers around a large wooden table, each armed with a clean apron and a print-out of the day’s three-course menu.Paule specializes in contemporary cuisine bourgeoise, with recipes that are impressive enough for entertaining, but simple enough to prepare for everyday dining.Full-day classes with organic food tour: shops, markets, restaurants..€330 for individuals, €230 per person for private parties or groups.

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