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Sources: Genealogies of Zayn Malik (focusing on his mother’s side) – Birth record of Zayn’s paternal great-grandmother, Florence Lauretta Boldy – https://Photos by Prphotos The only good looking member of One Direction. but that no use for stubborn low iq’ed you’re just another dumb ill-informed American and please learn few things before throwing you’re two cents he doesn’t look two white here are more “white looking” pure pakistani model QEP1And then And then, on other hand you claimed that will Smith is your average West African niggro Descent Log in to Reply Pakistanis arent caucasian, on US census its only European, middle eastern and hispanic etc who are caucasian. white is different from caucasian anyway so even if pakistanis were he would still be mixed race. Here’s an example of Hazel coloured eyes Cn7Log in to Reply He definitely doesn’t look full Pakistani, he actually looks way more white than he does Pakistani, he has pale skin and white features And what are you talking about? Pakistan also has many Pashtuns(the most in the world), Baluchis, Kashmiris and Sindhis as well as some North Indian immigrants.

As usual the best looking guys in British boy bands are always not British or mixed lol. Log in to Reply Actually, Hispanics aren’t necessarily considered White either. Amir Khan looks full Pakistani Amir Khan Log in to Reply There are also Indians who are lighter than him. Pashtuns are the second largest ethnic group in Pakistan, and India barely has any so I don’t think all North Indians resemble Pakistanis, except Kashmiris but they aren’t even Indian Log in to Reply Pakistan (and Bangladesh) were separated from India because of religion. For example i am punjab indian and i am as light as they get. And there are tons of indians my skin color/look in North India.

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since you are so agent racism why dont you challenges your believes which is injected by thos Israeli supporter. thos musslim are victim of racism rather then culprit of it..

Abdullah ejaz Abdul mannan Log in to Reply @shobohunter (mostly the Muslim dont giva a Shit about cast. (You say there is no cast race superior in Islam) well in theory that’s supposed to be true,but as you can see people do what they want Log in to Reply To add to what fuzzybear said, while the concept of untouchability is horrible regardless of it’s basis, caste is not based on skin color, but ancestral occupation.

Log in to Reply why those African Christian and African American having ” PROBLEM” ..

IT didn’t occurred to you that they ( muzzle muslimm) having problem due to economic and cultural reason. what is having problem to do with racism or cultural backwardness?? most of them are racist corporate funded propagandist spouting bs so called news outlet.

Punjabi is a state not ethnicity and its have more ethnicities within. in India u can Google and read the horrifying story. trust me it mostly happen in hindus and Sikh community more. not only Christianity is white religion but those conservative are openly racist. go to Stormfront and see for yourself thos nazi basterd hate Muslim and black Latinos..

2% Punjabis are not 42% so its largely Indian and Pakistani are different Example there are more Punjabi living in India in number (but not in percentage) then Pakistan but in percentage India only have 2% Punjabi while Pakistan it 42% Punjabi So indian predominantly are not Punjabi even though it have more Punjabi in number but not in % Indian Punjabi and pakistan Punjabi share same ethnicities but Pakistan have slightly Afghan, Turkish, Roman, mongolia influenced in them and Certain ethnicities are only belongs to Pakistan ( i.e. Tamils) Log in to Reply Very few Pakistani have turkish roman blood less then 00.1 percent and Pashto’s can be found in india so can Tamils in Pakistan both country’s less then hundred years ago were same country so it would make sense Log in to Reply there have 100 honor killing in last few month.. often there is a thing called honor raped in hindu cast system. but your American shit media dont give it so much as hype as Muslim country. let’s not compare racist Muslim with white Christian institutionalised racism. Christianity is in consciousness of white supremacy. Log in to Reply no he look more Pakistani more then mixed or white. I know mixed Pakistani they who look mixed or white… I can tell which part of Pakistan (Punjab) he is from..

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the are less Islamic and still believes in a their Punjabi cast system. read the full context of the discussion before posting your snarky, knee-jerk witty reaction you stupid beep..

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