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In many ways Seward resembles small railroad towns in the rest of the United States rather than its sister cities in Alaska which often have meandering streets and spread out business sections.

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Grigor Shelikhov, a Siberian merchant, built the first Russian settlement on Kodiak in 1784. One of the routes to the Turnagain Arm gold fields at Sunrise and Hope, founded in 1895, began at the head of Resurrection Bay.

Shelikhov hired Alexander Baranov and in 1792 ordered the building of ships in the new colony. Several results of this 1898-1899 exploration were significant for Seward's future.

The original townsite proceeded from the waterfront to seven lots beyond Monroe Street and from First Avenue at the foot of Mount Marathon and Bear Mountain to the sea.

There were 40 blocks and 1211 lots (some were truncated by the curve of the shoreline.) Each lot within this townsite was 30' wide by 100' long.

(Testarmata) Viewed from across Resurrection Bay or from the air it is easy to see the alluvial fan caused by the abrupt change in gradient of a loaded stream which once flowed out of what is now known as Lowell Canyon and the flood plain and delta at the mouth of Resurrection River.

Though it looks to be barren soil, in fact this age old alluvial fan was once densely covered with coniferous forest.Frank Lowell decamped to Kodiak and remarried prior to the coming of the Ballaines and the railroad. Seward's footprint was determined by a survey drawn up by C. Anderson, Civil Engineer, and signed by Frank Ballaine on behalf of his brother John Ballaine, founder of the Alaska Central Railway.Nothing of Lowell homesite remains, but sites such as Lowell Point, Lowell Canyon, Lowell Glacier, Mt. The plan laid out city blocks divided by wide streets and bisected by alleys as neatly and precisely as a railroad surveyor could make them.From several miles north of its head to the mouth of Resurrection Bay, a river of ice hundreds of feet thick flowed south.To get an idea of how far it filled this valley, note the terrace it formed halfway up the side of Mount Marathon.The Seward side of the Kenai Peninsula provides some of the best evidence of Pleistocene glacial activity.

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