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You will be able to turn off Auto Archiving, apply the default Auto Archive settings, or configure settings unique to this folder.

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STATUS: FIXED Fix and workaround steps for this issue can be found in the following article: Outlook unexpectedly stops prompting and automatically sends Meeting updates to all attendees Last Updated: March 23, 2018 ISSUE For some users after updating to 16.0.9001.2171 and later versions, Outlook search returns no search results for POP and IMAP accounts.

STATUS: WORKAROUND Until a fix or resolution is determined you can work around the issue by disabling Windows Desktop Search which will cause Outlook to use it's built in search.

All versions of Microsoft Outlook support Archiving.

You can use either Auto Archive to move or delete older messages, appointments, or tasks as they age or use manual archiving to move or delete messages in a specific folder and it's subfolders at any time.

Do you want to be notified before Auto Archive runs? Editing, replying, or copying an Outlook item can change the last modified date.

When the prompt comes you, you will be able to cancel it if you think it will interrupt your work. See Auto Archiving by Received Date to configure Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010 to archive by received date.This issue may also occur when clicking on Skype items and email voice mails.STATUS: WORKAROUND For more information on this issue, please go to Outlook hangs when clicking in Conversation History folder.(The button for Archive button on the ribbon moves messages to a folder called Archive.) In Outlook 2010, it’s under File, Cleanup Tools. Using Clean up old items (or Archive in older versions of Outlook), you can archive the entire data file using the Auto Archive settings or archive the contents of one folder and it’s subfolders based on a specific date.If you want to archive all folders in an account, select the top level folder (where your account name is), select a date then click Ok to begin archiving.Look for the manual Archive command on the File menu.

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