Outlook search folders not updating

Once created, clicking the folder opens a view of all matching mail in a folder view, as if it were a real Outlook folder.

Other logical operators include "=," "NOT" and "OR." Unless you enjoy rapidly scrolling through a long list of items, Outlook 2016 gives you no excuse to waste time searching. And you can visit our Office 101 help hub for more related articles.

At the very least, you have alternatives when managing your mail items.

What you may not have known is that you can help to refine your search by using logical operators.

Instead of John Smith, you can type "John AND Smith" to display messages that contain both words but not always in the same order.

Do you try to manage your Outlook inbox by making sure all communications have been read and addressed?

Is your ultimate goal to achieve "Inbox Zero," in which you delete, delegate, respond and defer until your email inbox only contains tumbleweeds? For some people, their inboxes double as file storage, and they save all received attachments.The Search Folder will aggregate any email pertaining to that topic from any folder into one location.Keep in mind that the Search Folder cannot be used to retrieve results from more than one Outlook Data File.For our purposes, collecting mail that has a given Outlook Category assigned works best; but many other search approaches are also possible.For example, in figure above, five Search Folders are shown; three of them are category Search Folders (Accounting, Key-E-mail, and Read Later). The numbers to the right of each show the count of unread mail in each folder.No matter what mail folder you're looking at, the Instant Search pane is ever-present.

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