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Please contact me if you would like to maintain a translation of these programs in other languages.

I would also like to gratefully acknowledge that (*) was provided free of charge.

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You can use the Yahoo and calendars to share your appointments with others.

users can sync appointments and contacts with the web-based calendar and contacts when the account is configured as a Microsoft Exchange account.

I only use my outlook calendar, but would like to view it within my Gmail calendar.

It is very easy to maintain congregation and speaker data and prepare schedules.

Without this product, language translation would have been much harder and time consuming.

So thank you to the author of app Translator (* no longer commercially available).

There are several standard schedules to choose from and you can also create your own with the internal script editor.

It also includes a dedicated Christian Life and Ministry editor which is also capable of downloading schedule content (not available for all languages) and generating personalized schedules.

My intention in making these programs available is simply to make our assignments a bit easier to manage and to hopefully free up some time for other important matters.

So if they do this for you, then they have achieved their purpose!

You need to email a copy of your PDF slip and in return you will receive the template files with instructions.

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