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It goes for people and resources (rooms booked) now people, I understand that if someone selects 'Accept' to a meeting request, and then replies 'Don't send a response' the tracking data is not sent.But the rooms are set up to send an automatic response provided there is no conflict at the time selected, which they do send a response, but often the response is not tallied.

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See screenshot: If you are using Outlook 2007, please click Tracking in the Show group under Meeting tab. Then you can see the meeting responses are listed in the Meeting dialog box.

Since working with the Outlook calendar, and more specifically with meetings, it is very likely that the majority of us have encountered situations in which updates to meetings are not triggering the same type of message.

And what I mean by this is that depending on the type of changes that we make to a meeting, this will generate either an informational or a full update, and the information will be changed or not, accordingly, on the attendee’s calendar.

The difference between these two is worth discussing, as Outlook uses each type in a very specific scenario.

Most of us regular Outlook users are well-versed in the Request/Response model of doing things other than email.

Take an appointment in your own calendar: add an invited attendee or two, and you've created a meeting. The meeting invitations were sent out and the list of attendees is listed and tracked.Basically, this is the topic for this blog, with a focus on describing the scenarios that trigger either a full or informational update.Additionally, you will learn how to make Outlook send a specific type of update, depending on the meetings properties that you want to change.We are running Exchange 2007, user has Outlook 2007 pro w/ Vista.Any thoughts welcome; the user is rather distraught she cannot tell if a room is actually reserved or not.You cannot save this change without clicking the Send Cancellation button to send the cancelation email.

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