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Gilchrist and others dismiss the sometimes-heard complaint that the #Me Too movement means: “You can’t even hold hands without signing a contract first.”Sheehy characterizes that as a kind of backlash against the #Me Too movement.

Gilchrist addresses it head-on in workshops.“Probably when you hear the term consent, you think of walking up to someone else and saying ‘Hello, would you like to participate in sexual activity with me from this hour to this hour?

It is also prompting conversations on campuses and in communities that many believe could be key to a cultural evolution.

ALSO: Angus Reid: How ‘old guys’ like me view the #Me Too movement Sexual violence is so common that researchers in Ottawa have warned in recent years about predictable spikes in assaults during festival season in the city, including Canada Day on Parliament Hill.

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The true number of sexual assaults is likely much higher, and will never be known.

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