Orthodox christian perspective dating sex dating in dennis mississippi

God loves that person, and we have to try our best to love them the same way He does.

When we stop trying to love is when the other person becomes a mere object, and we cease respecting them, and possibly even hurting them deeply.

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” I think it takes a little more than just going out somewhere, right?

Obviously, it‘s not a simple answer, because it‘s not a simple subject.

As I heard a dear priest once say to me, it’s “two hearts speaking to one another.”Think about this: God is love (1 John 4:8), and therefore whatever true love we feel has been created by God.

God wants to have a special relationship with each of us, and we, too, since we’ve been created in His image and likeness, feel this as well- someone’s heart connecting with ours.

However, like any relationship, there are ways that we can take advantage of and even abuse these rights.

Like any relationship, we should go into dating remembering of course, the golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” (Luke , Matthew ) If we go into any relationship asking ourselves “What can I do for this person? ” your relationship will go well, and you will grow as a person.

There are unique qualities about ourselves that we only begin to understand in a relationship with the opposite sex- and I‘m not referring to physical relations, but spending time and even just conversing with the other person.

Dating gives us a unique opportunity to find out just how generous or selfish, patient or impatient, kind or mean-spirited we really are, not what we think we are.

Hopefully along the way, you enjoy your date, and either ask if you want to have another date, or go your separate ways because your personalities just weren‘t clicking.

So is this what makes two people “boyfriend/girlfriend?

Dating gives us a right to learn more about ourselves, about guys and girls, about people.

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