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Surf Club on 8/2018 - Local businesses who want to support or sponsor this great initiative can contact Melissa Wellings on mel_well [email protected] Vale Hospital Fight Continues At July Forum - from Protect Pittwater Association NAIDOC Week 2018 - Local Celebrations And Some From Further Afield: ASGMWP Monday July 9th at Mona Vale hosts 'Aboriginal Rock Engravings', Guest speaker Ian Jacobs Aquatics: Club Marine 2019 Pittwater To Paradise Regatta Checklist: The quieter winter months are a great time to run a checklist over boat and crew preparation for another season of bluewater racing out of the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, on the shores of Pittwater and get your boat up to speed for the 2019 P2P by Lisa Ratcliff A major new exhibition will open July 18th featuring one of Pittwater's best photographers.This collection of photographs charting a life's journey as seen through a lens.After some years of this, the place simply becomes a congested concrete jungle that no one wants to live in.

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Prior to 'retirement' he was a director at the Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building UTS, and an architectural photographer.

His Master’s thesis was Max Dupain and the photography of Australian Architecture (QUT, 1996).

They’re addicted to stamp duty revenues since it funds infrastructure projects, which they are convinced will woo NSW and, especially the Sydney electorates.

And that appetite for development will certainly not go away if they win the 2019 elections.

And if the B-Line does get to Newport, it will be a Trojan horse for yet more development.

All we want is improved bus services for the seaside villages. Run a local service like Manly’s Hop Skip and Jump along with some efficient city bound buses like the E88’s and L90 to the city and the 199 to Manly.

We’ve seen what has happened to other parts of Sydney.

We’ve seen congestion increase everywhere with thick on the ground Hong Kong style apartments.

But much of this is just pre 2019 election posturing.

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