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It's obvious that thousands of prostitutes around Russia are going to work to FIFA cities for making some quick cash. Naturally all the prices are higher during World Cup than usually.You can also meet girls from neighboring countries, such as Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, among others. Higher prices cover accommodation, restaurants, and of course to sexual services.

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Expect to pay at least a double price for everything during the event.

While prostitution is illegal in Russia, that won't be the first target for local law enforcement.

Usually taxi drivers and local mongers are your best choice to ask directions to these venues.

To avoid any uncomfortable situations, please respect the local people and the culture.

It combines some beautiful landscapes of large lakes Ladoga and Onega, medieval forts of Pskov Oblast with the lacustrine region of Karelia and provides a gate for the country to enter Scandinavian territories.

Kaliningrad Oblast (often considered as a part of Northwestern Russia)The only exclave of Russia, the Kaliningrad oblast allows a gate for Russia to share borders with Poland and Lithuania, and is a key site for where the 2018 FIFA World Cup will be held.

Regular sex workers can be found also from internet, from the streets, massage parlors, strip clubs, nightclubs, hotel lobby bars and brothels.

There are rumors that there are also temporary underground brothels organized just for the event of World Cup because the demand is so huge.

Region is widely known for its rich culture and history.

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