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Meta search engines are a great way to search multiple search engines at the same time.

Instead of using crawlers to index the web like Google and others do, they send queries to a variety of search engines, combine the results.

Other search engines will have their own specific operators, so be sure to look them up before you start using them.

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This week we asked Melanie Daria, one of our private investigators, how she goes about tracking down someone online.

What she gave us can only be described as an extremely thorough, exhaustive list of resources and techniques to do just that. Whether you're looking for a missing family member, trying to trace your family's history, or looking for a long lost friend, many people decide to start their search online - and are quickly overwhelmed.

Linked In is a social media platform used for professional networking, which means that most profiles use real names and current employment information.

This is particularly useful if you've had issues tracking down information on Facebook or Twitter - it's often difficult to find someone on Facebook because they can use nicknames instead of legal names - but Linked In gets past this issue.

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Other search operators include wild-card symbols, truncation, limiters, and complex searching techniques such as nesting.

If these seem overwhelming, you can stick with boolean searches for now - they're still a great way to start increasing the power of your searches.

If you search “Melanie Smith “using quotations then the search engine will search that exact phrase together.

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