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She told me to just say that we went to boom boom even though we didn't.

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Had a amazing night till 4 pm and finally asked them to leave as I wanted to sleep. The other night I was at Palace, I was approached by this model named Cat? She would often look at me, not in a smiling way, but to just stare.

I would always noticed, but I see girls doing that all then time, so it doesn't bother me much.

Only complain was the bathroom size as it is rather small and 2 people can hardly fit in the shower. Few stunners but they were all taken by the high end tables with blue label bottles. The ladies wanted ice-cream and I was more than happy to oblige.

First night ventured to the Insanity at around 1 pm. On the way back, one them said I am hungry and another pit stop at the roadside eatery.

Anyways, she came over by herself and introduced herself.

She's 22 and decent looking, slim, long black hair, long legs, cute face, with fake tits. She said that she wanted to talk outside with me and then go home.Weird because I felt that we were on a date or something, but it was one where she paid for most of it.The food and drink bill, which I took care of, came to only 500 baht.They hear me loud and clear when I do that kind of stuff because I'm always sitting with another girl when I talk smack. I have been to BKK about 10 times to exercise our hobby but never to Manila. The big differences for me is that in BKK I can have the killer beauty for 2 hours (clock starts when you leave the bar) and maybe the sex will be good. In the PI you could hit Manila, Angeles, and perhaps something like sebang. Manila is very spread out and it takes a long time to go from one area to the next because of traffic jams. I thought now we will go to sleep but she had other plans, she was in good mood to use the uniforms and danced to some tunes for me.The model that gave me 2000 baht to barfine her just wanted the other girls to know that I chose her to go with me back to my room. In Makati there are less stunners w / no clock and no rules and that's what I prefer. BKK has traffic jams, too, but you can avoid them by taking BRS or MRT. I also like the feel of Bangkok better than Manila. I have been to BKK about 10 times to exercise our hobby but never to Manila. What a great night, at this point it felt too good and may be I was dreaming ha ha ha.This is the first time I took photos with permission so sharing with you all. Some guys here refuse to take girls over 25 but I can never understand why.

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