On line dating for friendship

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Our use of dating apps and websites has become commonplace (and our willingness to share the truth about how we really met our partners is not far behind).

With the success and ubiquity of online dating, it’s not too surprising that friendships are now making their way into the virtual world. VINA, Meet Me, and Skout are just some of the companies that help us connect and form friendships, much in the same way we do in online dating.

This kind of low-risk environment can be a helpful stepping stone for those who typically struggle with assertiveness. You don’t have to worry about ulterior motives Believe it or not, up until recently, people were using dating apps to find new friends (a particularly memorable moment in the second season of Aziz Ansari’s Netflix series Master of None captures some of the awkwardness and disappointment this can lead to).

Conversely, when we’re just looking to make friends, being pursued for a romantic relationship can feel incredibly frustrating, if not intrusive.

Technology is changing the way we build and maintain our relationships.

Depending on who you ask, this is either an exciting opportunity or a barrier to real, meaningful conversations and connections.

Because the root of friendship is often an underlying similarity with respect to our interests, values, or experiences, these kinds of apps can sometimes fast-track the friendship making process.

Not only do they make it more likely that you’ll find others with whom you'll really connect, it can be easier to initiate a conversation when you know you share a common interest or goal. It’s easier to make the first move Whether it's an uncertainty about what to say or share or the fear of being rejected, being vulnerable in the way that’s needed to form close friendships is no easy feat.

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