Old school dating terms

What Having a virtual layer between people who are interacting romantically stunts the emotional impact and stakes of things.We’re already used to engaging with our phones around the clock, so texting a new romantic acquaintance or meeting someone on an app takes place within a totally familiar context.

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I clearly needed to leave the app game behind and try for a totally tech-free, old-fashioned experience.

So, I met up with my buddy Ian in his neighborhood to hit a few of his favorite bars in classic single guy-and-wingman fashion.

The phone rang a few times while I half-prayed for her not to answer. While I did get a text later that night -- and though we have exchanged messages since then -- I still haven't met her.

I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume this is a scheduling conflict; not her being creeped out by the phone call.

My wallet was filled with them, ready to be handed to any ladies who caught my eye.

When I handed the recently liberated damsel the first one, all I got was a weird look.

After about two minutes, I’m ashamed to say that the awkwardness was too much for me.

I fessed up and told Amanda about the experiment (much to Michelle's chagrin, sorry dude) and we went on to have an otherwise normal conversation between three friends.

And if you're wondering whether any of this ended with any type of 21st-century "payoff," you can let your imagination run wild.

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