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I was a unique, young girl, I met a boy named Cory Matthews...I kept some of my friends, some I don't see so much of anymore.

This guide provides links to a variety of databases, several of which are limited to NYU Law faculty and students.

Information for NYU Law students and faculty on obtaining passwords for Westlaw Next, Lexis Advance and Bloomberg is available here.

Throughout the series, Topanga has always expressed her love for Cory, as well as her friends. Riley is closer to Topanga than Cory, because Topanga tends to baby Riley.

Riley always comes to Topanga to talk about "girl" things like makeup.

Later on in Season 7, before her wedding with Cory, because he chose Shawn over him to be his best man, Eric makes a dramatic appearance in a playboy robe, saying if he couldn't be the best man, he would be the groom and proposes to Topanga.

She tackles him in response, stressed out about everything that had happened that day ("They're Killing Us"). They treat each other like sisters, but in There killing us, Season 7 of boy meets world, Topanga was annoyed of Morgan for trying to persuade Amy of wearing her wedding dress. She gave him his first kiss in Cory's Alternative they become boyfriend and girlfriend in Season 3.

She and Cory invested in the neighborhood bakery to preserve it for the founder, Mrs. Topanga was a recurring character in the first season of Boy Meets World, but was promoted to a main character in season 2. When she was first introduced in Boy Meets World, Topanga was an eccentric hippie with interests in supernatural phenomena, and concerned about the world and harmony.

As the seasons progressed, she became one of the show's main characters, transforming from a strange girl into an intellectual overachiever.

Rhiannon Lawrence (mother)Jedidiah Lawrence (father)Riley Matthews (daughter)August Matthews (son)Amy Matthews (mother-in-law)Alan Matthews (father-in-law)Eric Matthews (brother-in-law)Morgan Matthews (sister-in-law)Joshua Matthews (brother-in-law)Prudence Curtis (aunt) Topanga Matthews (née Lawrence) is a main character in Girl Meets World.

Topanga is the mother of Riley and Auggie, and the wife of Cory.

Eric is Topanga's friend and oldest brother-in-law.

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