Norman reedus dating laurie holden

Laurie’s memorable performances on Television, include The X-Files (1996-2002), Echo (1997), Alibi (1997), The Magnificent Seven (1998-2000), The Shield (2008).

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Norman reedus dating laurie holden

In the absence of a boyfriend or a husband, to fend the lesbian rumors, Laurie’s sexual preference remains unknown, as she is yet to give statements regarding the matter of her sexual preference!

American-Canadian actress Laurie Holder started her acting career, at a young age, with the role of Rock Hudson’s daughter in television miniseries “The Martian Chronicles” in 1980.

Also, Laurie contributed as a producer in movies Honeytrap (2014) and The Time Of Their Lives and years of hard work has bestowed her with a net worth of $3 Million.

Laurie Holder has been working since a tender age, and she has been very busy with her work until now.

According to reports, Diane Kruger was able to smooth the waters with Joshua Jackson over the alleged cheating by moving to New York City to be closer to him – but then again that’s where Norman Reedus was just spotted with his new lady, so that puts Kruger in close proximity to her rumored extracurricular lover…

Reedus has had an interesting love life for certain – he shares teenage son Mingus Reedus with model Helena Christensen – and was rumored to have enjoyed a brief relationship with the ever scandalous Courtney Love.

And I mean ALL of EM.” Whether he meant all of them as in all the ladies he works with on the AMC show or all of them as in “all” of Laurie Holden is unclear.

What is clear is that Norman Reedus is a ladies man who’s showing no signs of slowing down.

There have also been persistent rumors that he was hooking up with much younger “The Walking Dead” costar Emily Kinney (Beth, TWD) – another gorgeous blonde.

Norman Reedus was also spotted getting cozy with other TWD co-star Laurie Holden (blonde! When asked about walking a red carpet with her and a kiss they shared, Reedus tweeted, “I’ve kissed all of em.

Video Credit: Sound Cloud Laurie explained her rumored dating affair with boyfriend Norman, with her statements where she stated, 'I think that Norman kind of fuels that fire because he loves to come up and kiss me on the red carpets,and then I get the backlash because all his teenage fans who love him come after me and they're like, 'back off that's my man!

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