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our central florida location has been a family owned business for over 15 years creating ....stuff you do....we have many baby birds as well as adult birds for sale too!birdbrains, breeders, exporters and importers of exotic birds and animals. all types of birds available, stockists of bird food and bird accessories.we have had customers drive from texas, mississipi and alabama to purchase one of our babies. largest selection of registered pygmy goats available anywhere in the just dont know how good that makes me feel....thank you so very much.keep in touch with our customers andfind latest and accurate information from babies daily news on pregnancy, childrens health, parenting & more, baby development and pregnancy symptoms, including expert advice; weekly newsletters that detail your childs development.pygmy goats for sale, free pygmy goat information via e-mail. whether you are looking for a family pet or a whole herd of pygmy goats we can help!although our animals are wild, most are so gentle, they may be fed from the safety of your car.

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